Andre Torng Reef Point photos

“A lightly cloudy day, Catalina Island was shrouded behind the marine layer, and that’s where the sun sets. I was anticipating a big orange ball because of the marine layer, but wasn’t enough to make it happen. Still I was hoping a little patch of high cloud to bring the final magenta color, that didn’t materialize either.  Nonetheless the distant cloud provided the drama and reflected the golden/magenta color for a colorful sunset. The reflection from the wet sand was beautiful. One of the spots has a lot of rocks exposed during the low tide, and provided the opportunity for a dream like silky smooth feeling of the ocean with half exposed rocks. Plenty of way to draw out the imagination. Many people were shooting the sunset with whatever camera they had. Everyone seemsedto enjoy the evening.”…..Andre

Thank you, Andre for sharing these gorgeous photos.

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