Backcountry Safety


Here are some important rules for safety in the backcountry:


We welcome you to one of the most interesting and beautiful areas in California.  We hope to help you to enjoy and explore this sensitive ecosystem with 2,400 acres wilderness and 18 miles of trails.  To help you safely enjoy your visit to the backcountry, there are a few recommendations and rules you should consider.

Hiker on the trail

 Hiking with a friend will help you to be prepared for unforeseen conditions.

 All trails are for multi-use.  We hope everyone will enjoy the use of these backcountry trails with caution and courtesy to other users.

 Wear appropriate clothing for the conditions of your hike and wear closed-toe shoes to avoid injury.

 Walk and hike carefully on designated trails. Leaving the trails will expose you to unseen hazards such as rattlesnakes, ticks, harmful plants, and dangerous terrain.  Please avoid injuring plants, animals and yourself. 

 Bring plenty of water for your entire hike, up and back.  There is no drinking water available in the backcountry.  Bring sun protection.  This is a sun friendly park, with lots of it.

 Human food products are detrimental to the health and eating habits of wild animals and birds.  Please help keep the backcountry clean.  Pack out what you pack in, including sunflower seeds, wrappers, fruit and water bottles.

 Never chase or pick up animals.  They may injure you if they feel threatened.  If you disturb them or their habitat, you will make a difference in their struggle for survival in this harsh environment.

BC trails

No Name Trail

 The native wildlife and their habitats will be disturbed and damaged by domestic pets.  Domestic dogs are prohibited in the backcountry and on unpaved surfaces.

 Please do not collect or remove anything, including animals, shells, rocks, plants or kelp, from Crystal Cove State Park.  All natural resources are protected by law.

 The park and backcountry closes at sundown.  Plan a safe and timely return.