Beach Information

Your safety at the beach is our concern, please click here for safety tips.

Beach Access is available at these points:

Reef Point – A popular beach access is from Reef Point parking lot. There are three access points to the beach. A quarter mile multi-use trail travels to the north and descends down to the beach at 3.5 Cove. A stairway delivers you to the popular Scotchman’s Cove and to the south, a ramp travels down to Muddy Creek, an excellent body surfing area.

Moro Beach:  Park in the Moro day use lot, just below the campground  and walk through a short tunnel to this easily accessible beach which stretches from Abalone Point north towards Muddy Creek.  Moro beach is popular with day use visitors, body boarders, stand-up paddle boarders, surf fisherman and kayakers.

Pelican Point – There are four bluff top parking lots, with access points to the beach. Next to each parking lot, there are restroom facilities some with outdoor showers. A one mile multi-use trail parallels the coast line that offers a view of the coastal bluff vegetation and wildlife.

Los Trancos – This parking lot is available for access to the Historic District. There is a tunnel under Pacific Coast Highway to view the Crystal Cove Cottage, as well as a pedestrian crosswalk at the Los Trancos signal light…

All parking lots close at sunset except for Los Trancos lot which closes at 10:00 .

A 1,140 acre underwater park has been created within the boundaries of Crystal Cove State Park. This unique park offers snorklers and SCUBA divers an abundant and diverse view of marine life and is fully protected under the Fish and Game Marine Wildlife Refuge Act. The park staff can guide you to the best entry and exit points and indicate the best viewing areas.